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The Kawasaki battery I recently purchased doesn't work with my charger. (Model: 691034, 690071)

d448 trouble

There are different types of chargers and batteries for a Kawasaki toolset. If you own a 1 hour charger, 690507, make sure the battery you order will have 3 metal contacts at the tip of the battery stem. The 3-metal contact is required to activate the 1 hour fast charger. Otherwise it is not compatible.

I have a compressor 830241, it doesn't build maximum air and my mechanic said I need to replace the check valve. How can I obtain one?

comp19 trouble

Visit our e-store or contact us to verify proper style and fit for your air compressor.

I recently replaced the relief valve located on the On/Off switch box of my compressor but air continues to leak.

check valveChances are the relief valve is not what's causing the leak. The check valve located on the tank may be the culprit (see image).

Turn pressure switch to OFF position.

Unplug the compressor from the outlet.

Drain air tank by loosening the drain valve located on the bottom of the tank (see image).

Remove the check valve located on the tank (see image).

Check rubber grommet inside check valve for cracks/breakage. Replace if needed (conveniently order parts from our easy to navigate e-store).

Install new check valve using Teflon tape.

Plug compressor in and turn air compressor to ON position.

Check for leaks.