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I can feel air blowing out of the air filter on my compressor and it's not building pressure, what can I do to fix this?


Double check if reed valve is damaged.

Tools needed:

Screwdriver, Adjustable wrench, Ratchet wrench and sockets (sizes differ per model), Teflon Tape

Turn OFF and unplug the compressor.

Remove motor shroud (see image).

Disconnect high pressure tube from the cylinder head using adjustable wrench (see image).

Use ratchet wrench and socket (sizes vary) and remove head bolts (see image).

Locate valve plate (it's located in between the cylinder head and cylinder approx. 1/8" thick - see image).

Remove 2 Phillips-head set screws (see image)

Inspect reed valves (U-shaped & Tongue-Shaped) for cracks, breakage, and/or heat marks. Replace as necessary. Get replacement parts here.

Re-install everything back together using Teflon tape specifically when connecting high pressure tube back together onto the cylinder head.

Reassemble your unit in the reverse order. To avoid an air leak, use Teflon tape when connecting the high pressure back to the cylinder head.

Plug the compressor back in and turn ON, check for leaks.

Let the compressor build air to its maximum pressure. Leave switch to the AUTO/ON position, it should automatically turn OFF once it reaches the max pressure (approx. 90-115 PSI).

Relieve some of the air from the tank (either by draining it using a drain valve located either on the bottom of the tank or on the manifold or by using an air tool). The compressor should automatically turn back on once it reaches cut-in pressure.

Tip: You may have dirty water release when you relieve the air from the tank. Use a bowl on top of a large piece of cardboard or towel to collect the water and protect your floor.

How to fix a compressor with a leaking pressure switch?

compressor air leak at the pressure switch

The pressure switch is mainly electrical hence air is generally not coming out of it. It is most likely coming out of a valve or pressure line connected to the switch box. Follow the steps below to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Turn compressor to OFF position.

Unplug the compressor.

Drain air by loosening drain valve located at the bottom of the tank (see image).

Remove pressure relief valve located on the pressure switch box (see image) and check valve on the tank (see image).

Clean both valves with machine oil.

Re-install both valves using Teflon tape.

Close the drain valve.

Plug in the compressor and turn switch to ON position.

Check for leaks.

If air continues to leak, you may purchase a replacement pressure relief valve and/or check valve conveniently through our e-store.

I just purchased a Snap-on stool model 870999C and missing a part referred to step 2 in the manual.


The initial shipment of these stools had an extra part in the box which needs assembly (as stated on the instruction manual (see image). It refers to a piece of cover which goes over the weld marks on the stools legs. Later production has this part pre-installed at the factory for your convenience. Please disregard step 2 in the manual.