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Powerbuilt 641239: 5Gal 3HP Air Compressor


Two Pole Induction Motor: 3400 RPM
Power: 115V, 60Hz, 15Amps
Air Delivery: 5.1SCFM @ 40 PSI | 4.1 SCFM @ 90 PSI
Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
Duty Cycle: 75%
3.0 Peak HP / 1.3 Running HP
5 Gallon Twin Stack Air Tank
Oil Lubricated Drive Drive Pump
Cast Iron Cylinder
Thermal Overload for Safety
High Flow Regulator for Precision Air Flow Control
Tank and Outlet Pressure Gauges
Dual Quick Connect Coupler

Replacement Parts

Part Number Description Image Availability
Z641239-1 Air Filter Air Filter In-stock
Z641239-2 Elbow (Cylinder Head) Elbow (Cylinder Head) In-stock
Z641239-3 Cylinder Head Gasket Cylinder Head Gasket In-stock
Z641239-4 Intake Reed Valve Intake Reed Valve In-stock
Z641239-5 Cylinder Top Gasket Cylinder Top Gasket In-stock
Z641239-6 Exhaust Reed Valve Exhaust Reed Valve In-stock
Z641239-7 Reed Pins Reed Pins In-stock
Z641239-8 Cylinder Base Gasket 691222 3T Garage Jack In-stock
Z641239-9 Piston Ring Cylinder Base Gasket In-stock
Z641239-10 Oil Ring Oil Ring In-stock
Z641239-11 Piston Piston In-stock
Z641239-12 Piston Pin Piston Pin In-stock
Z641239-13 Circlip (Piston) Circlip (Piston) In-stock
Z641239-14 Connecting Rod Connecting Rod< In-stock
Z641239-15 Counterweight 691222 3T Garage Jack In-stock
Z641239-16 Crank bolt (LH) Counterweight In-stock
Z641239-17 Oil Fill Plug Oil Fill Plug In-stock
Z641239-18 Capacitor Capacitor In-stock
Z641239-19 Quick Connect Coupler Quick Connect Coupler In-stock
Z641239-20 Pressure Regulator Pressure Regulator In-stock
Z641239-21 Pressure Gauge (Pressure Regulator) Pressure Gauge (Pressure Regulator) In-stock
Z641239-22 Rubber Foot Pad Rubber Foot Pad In-stock
Z641239-23 Drain Valve Drain Valve In-stock
Z641239-24 Check Valve (Tank) Check Valve (Tank) In-stock
Z641239-25 Circlip (Cooling Fan) Circlip (Cooling Fan) In-stock
Z641239-26 Manifold Manifold In-stock