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The green indicator light on my Kawasaki charger starts blinking every 1/2 second?

d4 troubleThe battery may be hot. Let it cool down prior to charging. If green indicator light continues to blink, replace battery. Continued use of a bad battery on a properly working charger may potentially damage the charger. Visit our e-store to purchase replacement batteries.

I just purchased a Snap-on stool model 870999C and missing a part referred to step 2 in the manual.

870999CThe initial shipment of these stools had an extra part in the box which needs assembly (as stated on the instruction manual (see image). It refers to a piece of cover which goes over the weld marks on the stools legs. Later production has this part pre-installed at the factory for your convenience. Please disregard step 2 in the manual.

How to lower a hydraulic jack?

j01 troubleHydraulic jacks are typically stiff when it is new. When jack does not lower down by itself after turning release valve make sure to put some weight on the saddle (see image) to help it lower down.