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I have a compressor 830241, it doesn't build maximum air and my mechanic said I need to replace the check valve. How can I obtain one?

comp19 troubleVisit our e-store or contact us to verify proper style and fit for your air compressor.

I need a replacement manifold for my Michelin compressor. Where can I purchase a replacement?

comp16 troubleMichelin compressor is obsolete and original parts are no longer available. There is a similar style manifold that will work with your Michelin air compressor with a little bit of modification (see image). Visit our e-store to place an order now.

The Kawasaki battery I recently purchased doesn't work with my charger. (Model: 691034, 690071)

d448 troubleThere are different types of chargers and batteries for a Kawasaki toolset. If you own a 1 hour charger, 690507, make sure the battery you order will have 3 metal contacts at the tip of the battery stem. The 3-metal contact is required to activate the 1 hour fast charger. Otherwise it is not compatible.