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What type of oil should I use with my generator

motor oilAlltrade generators are typically shipped with 30 weight motor oil. You may conveniently purchase this at your local automotive parts stores.

How much oil should I put in my air tool?

i01 troubleA brand new air tool requires at least 8-10 drops of machine oil in the air inlet (see image). For air tools which require extended use (e.g. die grinder, air sander, air ratchet) it is recommended to stop and place 3-4 drops of machine oil every so often to prolong life.

Air impact tools have a port which states OIL on the side of the body (see image). This oil reservoir requires 1-2 drops of 30w motor oil in addition to machine oil required in the air inlet.

What type of oil should I use with my air tool?

a03 troubleUse machine oil in the air inlet.